Art Wallace, M.D., Ph.D.

Art Wallace MD PhDSpecialties:

Cardiac Physiology & Function: Over the last 30 years I have investigated the etiology and treatment of perioperative cardiac morbidity. I have worked and published on numerous human and animal studies investigating the natural history, therapy, and prevention of cardiac morbidity

Biomedical Engineering: Design, development, and testing of devices for use in anesthesia and cardiac surgery.

Clinical Research: State-of-the-art design, implementation and data analysis for clinical research. Custom algorithm development and implementation.

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Recent and On-going Research Projects:

  • ECOM monitor
  • AVx Medical and AVD System
  • L-ARG CABG Study
  • Clonidine Study
  • IMST (In-vivo Myocardial Stiffness Transducer) Study
  • Aneurysm Study
  • Myocardial Mechanics: Epicardial, Myocardial, and Infarct: Diastolic Mechanics
  • Non-Invasive Monitoring
  • Thoracoscopic CABG Study
  • EPI I and II Study
  • Mivazerol Study
  • Cytokine Study
  • Draflazine Study
  • Atenolol Study
  • Warm Cardioplegia Study
  • Acoustic Quantification Study

Art Wallace MD PhD - EACTA  Conference 2004 London
Lecturing on Bioimpedance at the 2004 EACTA conference, London UK

Department of Anesthesia
and Perioperative Care
University of California San Francisco

Write: Art Wallace, MD PhD
VAMC Anesthesia (129)
4150 Clement Street
SF, CA 94121

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