State of the Art Quantitative Cardiovascular Research and Design



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Research Design

The cardiac engineering group has experience with the development, design, conduct, and analysis of clinical and laboratory research. We are able to produce and care for chronically instrumented large animals. We have a chronic model of left ventricular infarction and left ventricular aneurysm and subsequent repair. We have designed and conducted studies for minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery, minimally invasive aneurysm repair, and cardiac monitor development. We have extensive experience with flow probes, vascular occluders, multi-dimensional digital sonomicrometry, intra-vascular and endotracheal impedance measurements, volume conductance catheters, cardiopulmonary bypass, finite element analysis, MRI scanning, cardiovascular monitor development and bi-axial tissue mechanics.

We also are able to design and conduct small, medium, and large (multi-centered) clinical perioperative cardiovascular research.

Data Analysis

We have extensive experience with computerized data acquisition, signal processing, and algorithm development.




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